Playback reports

This changelog is based on the playback reports for the Centova Cast interface:

This product is no longer available separately and has been / will be integrated into the SPCast platform:

  • 1 month ago Update Update so that data from 2023 instead of 2022 can be retrieved. This was also the conclusion here.
  • 1 year ago Fixed Once again, the title output has been revised for certain characters.
  • 1 year ago Update 0 listeners are now finally recorded and there should be no more gaps which are not caused by Shoutcast or Icecast. (See FAQ paragraph 3)
  • 2 years ago Fixed Titles were often wrong with umlauts. The output is now UTF8 encoded.
  • 2 years ago Update We have revised the navigation once again. (Saves 1 click for certain actions)
  • 2 years ago Add The reports now automatically load the year 2021 at the first call. At the top right of the table you can switch to the current year 2022.
  • 2 years ago Update A few internal optimizations to the code.
  • 2 years ago Update The FAQ for the product were on a level as it was before the Brand 2021. These have now been completely revised and adapted.
  • 2 years ago Fixed The title output should now be displayed without errors.
  • 3 years ago Add The playback reports were broken down to all 12 months.
  • 3 years ago Update Originally the playback reports needed a user session of 1 second for titles to appear in the report. This restriction could now be removed.
  • 3 years ago Fixed The loading time has been reduced considerably.
  • 3 years ago Add Search functions have been added to the tables.
  • 4 years ago Add First version