Changelog: Centova Cast: Control

This changelog is based on the following apps


1.0.6 (IOS)
  • 9 months ago Update 1.0.5 was not accepted by Apple because of the small debug banner in the screenshots.
1.0.5 (IOS)
  • 9 months ago Update SDK update to add IOS 14 support.
  • 1 year ago Add Changelog reference in the app.
  • 1 year ago Update Libraries have been updated.
  • 1 year ago Fixed Design adaptations for devices where we were aware of problems.
  • 1 year ago Update Devices icons on Android and IOS are not as wanted. New try.
  • 1 year ago Update IOS APP name now Correct?
  • 1 year ago Fixed Bug fixes from the first version
  • 1 year ago Add First version