SPCast / Modern Web Radio Streaming

Modern web radio streaming directly from STREAMPANEL: SPCast was developed by us for the web radio market. SPCast offers you modern tools to manage your webradio, including a bitrate of 320 Kbit/s, an ultra-fast and backward compatible new streamserver and much more.

Experience the benefits of SPCast now and increase the quality of your web radio. Convince your listeners with outstanding sound quality and smooth transmission. Use the modern features of SPCast to run your web radio professionally and inspire your listeners.

Litespeed Enterprise Web Hosting

Discover our premium web hosting product based on the combination of CloudLinux, cPanel and LiteSpeed Enterprise web server. We offer you the ideal solution for a highly stable and powerful web hosting environment.

The LiteSpeed Enterprise web server included in our web hosting package offers you impressive performance and improved security. Your websites will load faster, which will result in a better user experience and can improve your search engine ranking.

Teamspeak 3 / Voice Server

A TeamSpeak 3 server is a powerful communication platform for groups and teams.

It allows you to exchange voice and text messages in real time and ensure seamless collaboration.

Service monitoring

Monitor websites and applications with comprehensive features such as web, header, and keyword monitoring. Receive notifications about outages, check SSL certificates, and manage contacts. Detailed statistics, custom status pages, and flexible notifications are also included.