Your contact to STREAMPANEL

We are here to help you. Please read the following page to learn about all support channels.
To avoid waiting times, the ticket system is always the fastest way to get an answer to your questions.

  • Address (Germany)
    Ann-Christin Schmidt
    Hildesheimer Street 265-267
    30519 Hanover


    If you think that there might be an impairment, please first look in the STREAMPANEL Status. If any faults are not listed here, please write to us in your own interest exclusively via the ticket system.

    Telephone support

    We are not able to offer comprehensive telephone support!

    After a possible call on the telephone numbers listed here, you will hear a tape announcement referring you to the ticket system. However, you can leave a message on the answering machine if you wish. Provided we can identify you, we will respond to your call via the ticket system.

    Always use the ticket system for urgent requests. It is the fastest and most effective way for you to solve problems!

    Social networks

    Social networks do not serve as support platforms. We cannot guarantee data protection within these platforms. A chatbot will refer you to the appropriate areas in each case.

    Chat support

    The chat is available to answer your questions as needed. You can find the chat on almost all common pages, each at the bottom right of a page.

    WhatsApp / Line

    As needed, you can reach us on both of the aforementioned platforms. It is up to you to decide which topics you would like to talk to us about on these two platforms. However, always keep in mind that user-friendliness takes precedence over security on both of the aforementioned platforms.

    WhatsApp: 0157 / 359 88 146
    Line Channel:


    We can also be reached on Telegram. With Telegram, we focus on security in contrast to the two previously mentioned platforms. If you absolutely want to contact us via a messenger, we recommend doing so via Telegram. You can get in touch by adding the phone number below as a contact or alternatively write directly via the Telegram channel set up.

    Telegram: 0157 / 359 88 146
    Telegram Channel: