STREAMPANEL Affiliate Program

The STREAMPANEL affiliate program compensates all resources with a referral fee of 10% on a lifetime basis.

Recommend and earn money

  • 10% on every order you successfully placed
  • The payment is made on all STREAMPANEL products without exception.
  • 30 days cookie runtime
  • Monthly payment by bank transfer or PayPal
  • Payout already from 25,- ÔéČuro
  • Lifetime commissions (You receive your commissions month after month. As long as the customer you referred does not cancel their product).
  • Partner AGB

Tracking in the partner program

The tracking in the affiliate program is based on the proven cookie tracking. If cookies are deactivated by the user or cannot be set, the tracking is session-based. Alternatively, tracking can also take place via own voucher codes.

Voucher campaigns

Users tend to use AdBlockers and now even block cookies in general. This can become a problem for you and you could lose referred customers.

This is where coupon campaigns come into play. Create your own campaigns based on predefined coupon promotions.
Depending on the scope of the project, we also create campaigns tailored to your needs by arrangement.

Advantages of voucher campaigns

  • Users are generally pleased with perks.
  • If a voucher is used, the order is automatically assigned to you. (Independent of the last click / cookie)

Separate commissions

10% on lifetime basis is our last offer. To remain economical, more than 10% are not possible even on request.

Webradio and STREAMPANEL

Since 2013 on the German market, we have established ourselves throughout Europe. At the moment we count more than 3300+ users. STREAMPANEL offers webradio operators the tools they need to easily and above all stable and securely operate a webradio.

In 2020, the platform could achieve a monthly increase of at least 25 new channels per month.

STREAMPANEL Affiliate Program

Through future localizations. Unique features for webradio customers. Steady growth and lifetime commissions make STREAMPANEL a partner with a future.