changelog: SPReports / Log File Analytics

SPReports is based on the so-called Log File Analytics (direct log files of the stream server). SPReports is used with all stream servers, SPMobile, Relay, Failover systems. At the same time the project provides the STREAMPANEL Global Statistics in a slimmed down version, publicly available.


The initial version of the directory indexing for the Centova Cast systems used for the SPReports is based on the following source:

  • 3 weeks ago Add Live statistics are available for relay/failover products.
  • 9 months ago Update The display of the days in the customer center was *Murks. The display was renewed.
  • 1 year ago Add The relay / failover systems are now also integrated.
  • 1 year ago Fixed A bug in the linking of day 1 -9 was fixed.
  • 1 year ago Add SPMobile systems were integrated.
  • 1 year ago Add The reports for all stream servers are now also available from the customer center.
  • 1 year ago Add First version
  • 1 year ago Add Support for all stream servers within the Centova Cast interface.