Automatic wish box

This changelog is based on the Automatic Wishboxes for the Centova Cast Interface:

This product is no longer available separately and has been / will be integrated into the SPCast platform:

  • 2 years ago Fixed The title output was often incorrect with umlauts. Titles are now UTF8 encoded and thus displayed correctly.
  • 2 years ago Update The cover detection has been adjusted to the SHOUTcast tools.
  • 3 years ago Fixed Display error in title output should be fixed.
  • 3 years ago Update The way covers were retrieved was changed.
  • 3 years ago Fixed With the PopUP no wish could be sent with new systems after the fire.
  • 3 years ago Fixed The generation of the wish box showed a server error 500 with larger wish boxes. The process is terminated in the background and the wish box worked despite the message. However, some users were irritated. The error 500 should no longer appear.
  • 3 years ago Fixed Fixed a few display bugs.
  • 3 years ago Fixed With larger wish boxes the generation of the cache did not work.
  • 4 years ago Fixed With certain special characters in the CSS, the CSS was output incorrectly decoded on the final page.
  • 4 years ago Update A change was made that also allows to edit the pagination buttons via CSS.
  • 4 years ago Add Hide content is not quite optimal with cached results. Also because the customer center itself has only 25 random content output. We have deposited an uncached version in the wish box under the red button "wish box options".
  • 4 years ago Update (loading=lazy) for all cover circumstances.
  • 4 years ago Add Covers have been activated for the user side.
  • 4 years ago Add Complete caching. Enables optimal loading times through static HTML files.
  • 4 years ago Update iFrame URL has changed completely. For this, it is unique and does not need to be replaced with each change. Permanently this will be the best solution. (Sorry 🙁 )
  • 4 years ago Fixed There were problems with radios with an AutoDJ of more than 20 thousand tracks. (The standard systems now support 7500 tracks while the cloud systems have been raised to 50K. No one should reach this limit at this time).
  • 4 years ago Add Added the possibility to hide certain content via CSS.
  • 4 years ago Add The admin interface is live. The loading times were too long here. We have limited the output in the customer center to 25 random titles per reload.
  • 4 years ago Fixed Fixed a bug that occurred on radios with exotic special characters.
  • 4 years ago Add Added options to make it easier to create the link and add your own CSS.
  • 4 years ago Update It was desired to be able to give the wish box its own name instead of using the default value from the Centova interface. This option can now also be found within the 'Wishbox Options'.
  • 4 years ago Fixed The cover interface had to be fixed due to the move of the SHOUTcast tools.
  • 4 years ago Fixed A few bugs have been fixed.
  • 4 years ago Add First version