changelog: WebradioTop100

The changelog is available since 03 October 2019 and should give you a quick insight about the latest changes. For more details, please refer to the STREAMPANEL news.

  • 2 weeks ago Fixed There was a scenario where some users received an internal error at the end of the voting process. This should be fixed now and should not occur for anyone.
  • 3 weeks ago Fixed An error was displayed when the voting process was called for the first time. This could be fixed via a reload. The cause is now fixed.
  • 3 weeks ago Fixed The cron was forgotten to communicate the change from 1.6.0. Thus, the cookies were not deleted from the database after 3 hours and you could no longer vote.
  • 3 weeks ago Fixed Now no more devices should collide during device detection. The message that has already been voted should no longer be displayed as unauthorized.
  • 3 weeks ago Update Something about the design was flawed.
  • 3 weeks ago Update All error messages now have a short reason. So that it becomes more comprehensible.
  • 3 weeks ago Update IPs in the same household can vote if a user account is used. One user account ensures that the same device cannot be used for multiple accounts.
  • 3 weeks ago Update The IP detection has been changed.
  • 3 weeks ago Fixed There was an error message at the end of the voting process. It is clear where it comes from. Please report again from now on if it is fixed or a new message appears.
  • 3 weeks ago Update It is inexplicable to me that the vote counter can be driven higher than it should? The cronjob now corrects the vote counter every minute by itself if necessary.
  • 3 weeks ago Add There are users who are on the WLAN with their cell phones and vote. After that, the WLAN is switched off and the mobile network is used for voting. This should now be prevented by a new detection.
  • 3 weeks ago Update 2 new VPN providers on the block list.
  • 3 weeks ago Update There are again more votes in the listing as available in the database. It is now ensured that the vote button can only be pressed once. (If this does not help, we will change the way the system counts the votes).
  • 3 weeks ago Fixed The TOP 20 web radio stations were reduced to their real votes.
  • 3 weeks ago Update Vote display reduced from 15 to 12.
  • 3 weeks ago Add Added the possibility to browse the votes to the details page. (The vote ID is the ID in the database. Please report votes with the same city and consecutive ID's).
  • 3 weeks ago Update To make the comment and vote column equal, the votes were increased from 10 to 15 per ad.
  • 3 weeks ago Fixed A bug with the fingerprinting of votes has been fixed.
  • 3 weeks ago Update The indication of when the top list is updated is now more accurate.
  • 3 weeks ago Fixed An error about double votes was submitted today. This time the cause was traceable. Version 1.5.1 ensures that entries in the database can only be unique.
  • 3 weeks ago Update New rounds now always start on Fridays at 8pm!
  • 3 weeks ago Update The current round was ended due to non-existent fairniss. (Report more gaps!)
  • 5 months ago Fixed The banner for the radio of the day was not fixed at its fixed width. This caused the page to shift when radios did not adhere to the size specifications.
  • 9 months ago Fixed Random webradios have had a wrong sort. Should now match? (Must be watched, query is not 100% Live and is cached between).
  • 9 months ago Add New webradios are now displayed on the start page.
  • 9 months ago Update 20 webradios per page. (Advertising in between first removed)
  • 9 months ago Add The start page can now be filtered by different categories. (Still category ideas? Then write me.)
  • 1 year ago Update 3 New providers on blocking list.
  • 1 year ago Fixed Fixed a bug in the player.
  • 1 year ago Update The Radioplayer has been completely reworked. Changelog can be found here ( under version 0.0.2.
  • 1 year ago Update 3 New providers for the obligation to register 😉
  • 1 year ago Update Internal update for recognition.
  • 1 year ago Update The webradio of the day is now also presented on the detail pages. (Randomly based in the rest)
  • 1 year ago Update SPAds have been inserted more seamlessly into the design.
  • 1 year ago Update Automatic Google Ads often destroyed the design. I have removed these and replaced them with targeted placements.
  • 1 year ago Update Added 1 button to the error descriptions on the start page to make it easier to leave this area.
  • 1 year ago Update Update for the new STREAMPANEL AdNetwork
  • 1 year ago Add The mandatory cookie has been extended to include the provider of the Internet connection. The provider detection is running in test mode and does not apply any visible restriction yet.
  • 1 year ago Fixed Faulty provider in VPN detection.
  • 1 year ago Update A bug in the vote query from 1.41 is fixed.
  • 1 year ago Update The Top100 is currently moving. The page will be available again in the course of the day.
  • 1 year ago Update The reload for missing cookies has been removed and supplemented by an error message with possible solutions. (Error 1006)
  • 1 year ago Update The detection rate of existing devices has been extended. (There are still users with multiple votes. If someone knows the procedure, please report).
  • 1 year ago Fixed There has been a user who incorrectly could not vote after the last changes. This user was in conflict with a user of another radio which used exactly the same setup. The system has now been extended so that votes are checked radio and not platform-based.
  • 1 year ago Update Better error handling with the new error codes. Important information is now pre-filled in the subject.
  • 1 year ago Update The system now ensures that cookies were set when the voting process was called directly.
  • 1 year ago Fixed A bug was fixed which did not show the voting process at the first call. (Reload was necessary.) Thanks to Sunrise Radio
  • 1 year ago Fixed Bug with adblockers is fixed. Thanks to DrachenHerzRadio ( DHR )
  • 1 year ago Update Update 1.31 is live again.
  • 1 year ago Fixed Fixed a bug that prevented voting when using adblockers in browsers.
  • 1 year ago Update Update 1.31 is paused for the users it affects until a solution is found.
1.32 & 1.33
  • 1 year ago Fixed A logic error was fixed which could cause an error when calling the voting process.
  • 1 year ago Update Update 1.24 is completely live. Get in touch if something *really* doesn't fit.
  • 1 year ago Add System was prepared for fingerprinting.
  • 1 year ago Update Changes from update 1.24 are partially live. (We have been collecting and allowing data on unauthorized votes for a few weeks. The dataset is now prevented. Too bad it can not be done otherwise! 🙁 )
  • 1 year ago Update Changes from update 1.24 are partially live. (Session check)
  • 1 year ago Update There was a change in the condition when a user can vote again.
  • 1 year ago Update This is a major update. The information is not public this time. (Also not on request!) Please report errors.
  • 1 year ago Update 2 additional providers were added to the system.
  • 1 year ago Update 10 more providers were added to the system.
  • 1 year ago Fixed An internal error in the PING IN / OUT procedure has been fixed.
  • 1 year ago Add The system has been prepared to prevent voting from multiple devices. In order to avoid errors, corresponding data must be collected over the next few weeks.
  • 1 year ago Update One vendor has been added to the system.
  • 2 years ago Update SEO Optimizations.
  • 2 years ago Update IP-Type "Business" must log in.
  • 2 years ago Fixed Fixed a bug that displayed an error message when opening the voting page.
  • 2 years ago Update Fewer users need to register to vote as before.
  • 2 years ago Fixed A problem with IPv6 has been fixed? (Please report if there are problems).
  • 2 years ago Removed Quantcast has been removed. (Will be replaced by its own solution).
  • 2 years ago Update Cookie Flag "secure". HTTPS-only cookies.
  • 2 years ago Update Web sessions are now exclusively encrypted.
  • 2 years ago Update Cookie names have been adjusted.
  • 2 years ago Update Session timeout adjusted from 120 to 720 minutes.
  • 2 years ago Update SEO restructuring / optimizations
  • 2 years ago Fixed "Turn on stream" detached from frame.
  • 2 years ago Update HTTPS forced for frames.
  • 2 years ago Update Fewer users need to register to vote as before.
  • 2 years ago Fixed SHOUTcast V1 now also works as long as the HTTP0/9 header is not assigned. (STREAMPANEL V1 systems are output in HTTP1/1).
  • 2 years ago Add A web player has been added to the detail pages. (Check the news for more information).
  • 2 years ago Add Internet method to test for cookie-free voting.
  • 2 years ago Update Basic design adjustments in a variety of places.
  • 2 years ago Update Fewer users will now be asked to sign up who previously had to sign up incorrectly.
  • 2 years ago Fixed Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of a new webradio.
  • 2 years ago Fixed Fixed a bug that gave an error message to accounts that have never voted before.
  • 2 years ago Add A mechanism has been implanted that makes it impossible for user accounts to vote multiple times within the 3 hour rhythm on multiple devices.
  • 2 years ago Add Rules have been added.
  • 2 years ago Removed Due to the new options, the checkbox was removed again when voting.
  • 2 years ago Fixed Fontawesome 4 upgrade to 5
  • 2 years ago Add When creating/editing the entry, another field for the upcoming history of the servers has been added.
  • 2 years ago Fixed With missing referer the detail page of the radio was not callable.
  • 2 years ago Add On the detail pages of the radios the last 10 votests are now displayed.
  • 2 years ago Fixed By mistake no first names under 6 letters were admitted.
  • 2 years ago Fixed The e-mail dispatch did not always work.
  • 2 years ago Fixed Profiles could not be processed in some cases.
  • 2 years ago Add Other VPN services have been blocked.
  • 2 years ago Update Internal logging for VPN detection has been extended.
  • 2 years ago Fixed Fixed a bug that always brought comments to the front when a message was posted.
  • 2 years ago Update The double reporting of comments / radios has been stopped. Contents are not to be reported again after a single report.
  • 2 years ago Add Improved SEO measures for increased findability of your web radio and the project in search engines.
  • 2 years ago Update A few design adjustments have been made.
  • 2 years ago Add This changelog was added to the WebradioTop100.
  • 2 years ago Add Introduction of strikes
  • 2 years ago Add Internal search functions to identify successful fraud attempts more easily.
  • 2 years ago Update Revised voting process to further limit automated voting procedures.
  • 2 years ago Add Google reCAPTCHA