changelog: Centova Cast / HTML5 Player

This changelog lists the changes of all HTML5 players for the Centova Cast Panel. You can find the players within the product management.

Open streamserver product management

  • 9 months ago Add For Icecast Server the possibility to access the correct mountpoint has been added.
  • 11 months ago Update We have added Icecast V2 compatibility to the players.
  • 11 months ago Update The name of the SP: Icecast versions have been changed from "icecast" to "icecastkh".
  • 11 months ago Update The station we use in the example has closed. We have given one of our own projects as an example now.
  • 2 years ago Update After the fire of the data center in March, we didn't get to publish the new HTML5 players. Planned were a lot of different players. We'll get this done as soon as everything is back on track. Player Design 01 and 02 were finished and released.
  • 2 years ago Add Player 01
  • 2 years ago Add Player 02