IPv6 IP addresses for all web hosting accounts

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We have activated dedicated IPv6 addresses for all web hosting accounts yesterday. There is no need for you, as the account owner, to take any further action on this. If you are interested in the differences of the IPv4 and IPv6 protocol, this will help you: https://www.heise.de/tipps-tricks/IPv4-und-IPv6-Was-sind-die-Unterschiede-6114077.html Update If there is a reason that you do not want to use IPv6 on your website at the moment, go to ...

Safeguard update on problematic UserAgents

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For weeks we have had an increased number of reports about 2 browser user agents. In both cases, they occupy the stream servers for an unnaturally long time. In some cases over several days. At the same time, this often involves much more than one connection. Fundamentally, such behavior is not necessarily wrong. Such listeners can also represent external platforms or other external services that ...

Domain price adjustment

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In the last months there were price adjustments for some domain extensions. We have now adjusted the prices in the system accordingly. Many endings have increased in price. A few have decreased. Due to the new prices we also have to adjust already existing domain portfolios for the first time since 2013. Within the domain overview you have the possibility to get an overview of the new annual prices for ...

SPRadio / Version 0.1.2 & 0.1.3

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Version 0.1.2 and 0.1.3 are online. Changelog: https://www.streampanel.net/changelog/spradio/ In version 0.1.3 we have activated the monitoring of the platform. Stations which are not reachable are deactivated if they are claimed by users and have to be reactivated manually. Stations from the radio crawler are deleted directly. We will work on this later. Corresponding notifications via e-mail should make sense.