SPRadio.eu / Apple TestFlight

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After the Android test phase, we have now also published the app accordingly in Apple's TestFlight Program. Here you can find the test for IOS devices: https://testflight.apple.com/join/Sl1WpGELAndroid devices: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spradio.eu If needed, keep an eye on the changelogs of the platform. Website: https://www.streampanel.net/changelog/spradio/App: https://www.streampanel.net/changelog/spradio-app/

SPRadio / Version 0.2.5

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On 06/13/2022 we had released version 0.2.5 in open test for Android devices. In this version we had removed the Android support for versions 4 - 7. We would like to take the opportunity here to briefly explain to perhaps disappointed testers why this happened. In version 0.2.4 we had received some critical reports from users. These reports contained ...

Shoutcast Server v2.6.1.777 update

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After a few tests, we have just updated all systems to the current Shoutcast version. To apply the update, you have to stop your stream server once and then start it again. Here's what's changed according to the changelog Added SSL support for https streams (Linux only) Added support for 32-char GUID-style authhash (legacy 20-char authhash still supported) Added official & documented …

IPv6 IP addresses for all web hosting accounts

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We have activated dedicated IPv6 addresses for all web hosting accounts yesterday. There is no need for you, as the account owner, to take any further action on this. If you are interested in the differences of the IPv4 and IPv6 protocol, this will help you: https://www.heise.de/tipps-tricks/IPv4-und-IPv6-Was-sind-die-Unterschiede-6114077.html Update If there is a reason that you do not want to use IPv6 on your website at the moment, go to ...