Subaccounts in the STREAMPANEL customer center

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Due to a technical innovation all created subaccounts in the STREAMPANEL customer center are invalid from now on. Please use from now on the new user management to give users or other users access to your account:

Roadmap and status of the platform Today as of 12.04.2021

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One month ago on 11.03.2021 we were surprised by the fire of the data center in Strasbourg. Within a few days we have provided all customers with replacement systems and existing backups. Unfortunately, we still have a problem with STREAMPANEL's own services. These stored all 3-fold distributed on Strasbourg SGB 1-4. How clever the proceeding was exclusively in Strasbourg to ...

SHOUTcast Tools / Covers are back

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The cover environments of the SHOUTcast tools are back. Please give the systems a few hours to settle in. If something is wrong, please let us know. Feel free to do so here in the comments. And thank you very much for your patience. We really got a lot of requests via the SHOUTcast tools. Fortunately, there was not one negative feedback after the incidents of March 10!

The week after

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It was the 10th of March when not only us, but also you stood in front of a pile of rubble. The tragic incident in Strasbourg is still on our minds today: Strasbourg has always been our main site since 2013, when it all began, and accordingly many environments were shut down from one day to the next. Very quickly we got the knowledge that the inventory of backups was unsafe and ...

Status history on the Strasbourg incident

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Dear users / customers Tonight around 01 o'clock German time, our internal monitoring systems have started. A first investigation showed also due to the number of systems which reported at once, that the cause is not with us. After we informed the computer center, we had to wait and see. What else remains in such a situation that lies outside our sphere of influence is not ...