SPRadio / Version 0.2.5

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On 06/13/2022 we had released version 0.2.5 in open test for Android devices. In this version we had removed the Android support for versions 4 - 7. We would like to take the opportunity here to briefly explain to perhaps disappointed testers why this happened. In version 0.2.4 we had received some critical reports from users. These reports contained ...

SPRadio / Version 0.1.2 & 0.1.3

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Version 0.1.2 and 0.1.3 are online. Changelog: https://www.streampanel.net/changelog/spradio/ In version 0.1.3 we have activated the monitoring of the platform. Stations which are not reachable are deactivated if they are claimed by users and have to be reactivated manually. Stations from the radio crawler are deleted directly. We will work on this later. Corresponding notifications via e-mail should make sense.

SPMobile / Version 2.0.3

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SPMobile has just been released in version 2.0.3. To the changelog: https://www.streampanel.net/changelog/spmobile/ What has been changed? SPMobile stream servers are now restarted automatically when instances fail or are restarted. Note about the change When we released SPMobile in the first version, it was a completely closed system. The user had no possibility to interact. Everything was handled by the system. With ...