Shoutcast Server v2.6.1.777 update

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After a few tests, we have just updated all systems to the current Shoutcast version. To apply the update, you have to stop your stream server once and then start it again. Here's what's changed according to the changelog Added SSL support for https streams (Linux only) Added support for 32-char GUID-style authhash (legacy 20-char authhash still supported) Added official & documented …

Safeguard update on problematic UserAgents

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For weeks we have had an increased number of reports about 2 browser user agents. In both cases, they occupy the stream servers for an unnaturally long time. In some cases over several days. At the same time, this often involves much more than one connection. Fundamentally, such behavior is not necessarily wrong. Such listeners can also represent external platforms or other external services that ...

Centova Cast: Control (Android & IOS)

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We have released an app that allows you as the operator to control the server and the AutoDJ from the road. The apps are intended exclusively for the operators of the station. No DJ data can be used. The APP is also compatible with all variations / operators of the Centova Cast interface. Android Standard: Ad-free: IOS Standard: