The Mixed DJ service did not survive the BETA phase and was discontinued. Maybe we will take up this project again at another time.

Mixed DJ (BETA)

Mixed DJ is a beta and not mature.

With STREAMPANEL Mixed DJ it is possible to go live on air with up to 4 presenters / DJ's with every common SHOUTcast or also Icecast server independent of the provider.

We would really appreciate if you send us your experiences / opinions on a channel of your choice.

Test system

DJ 1
Protocol: SHOUTcast V1
Port: 5121
Password: dj0001:m44qzk8

DJ1 is listening here:

DJ 2
Protocol: SHOUTcast V1
Port: 5124
Password: dj0002:mdnd5gf

DJ2 is listening here:

DJ 3
Protocol: SHOUTcast V1
Port: 5127
Password: dj0003:6tbkwse

DJ3 is listening here:

DJ 4
Protocol: SHOUTcast V1
Port: 5130
Password: dj0004:vxswo75

DJ4 is listening here:

Server Retrieve / Listen

Public for listeners:

The connection doesn't work?

Then probably other testers occupy the respective server. Best you just listen in.