WHMSonic v2.28 - v2.30

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Lately the problems in connection with the WHMSonic panel are increasing.

Known problems

The AutoDJ cannot be kicked or turned off as usual.

We recommend that you do not send with the DJ data until the problem is corrected. Log in to the panel before starting the broadcast and stop the AutoDJ. Then you can connect to the server with the main data.

Some users have reported that deleting the AutoDJ completely and then setting it up again has been successful for a short time.

The AutoDJ plays a new track every few seconds

Switch off the option "random" / "zufall" in the AutoDJ. After that the problem is solved.

I have another problem

Contact us via support ticket, we will then see if we can do something for you.

On our own account

A few months ago it was already planned to sell the panel. Due to the many requests, we have let the WHMSonic system exist. We ourselves have the WHMSonic panel, which has accompanied us from the beginning, in the last 12+ months nothing great more made.

Aside from the panel's support, development has been stagnant for years. Updates aggravate the management panel, which is still popular among many users today.

According to the developers, a new version of the management panel will be released this month.

Source: http://help.sonicpanel.com/index.php/article/standalone-whmsonic-sonicpanel-coming-up

We decided for us to wait for this update and see how the matter settles. Until then, we have stopped renting stream servers via the WHMSonic panel.

If you need an immediate solution, we recommend cancelling your package. Afterwards you can rent a server within the Centova Cast systems via the website. Existing contracts from the WHMSonic system can and will not be taken over. We have already calculated differently for the WHMSonic systems in the past and generally only offered packages with a fixed number of slots. For the cost of your inconvenience, you are welcome to write to us. We will then issue you a one-time voucher for your new product.

Otherwise, wait for new information and let us know of any problems with the panel.

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