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Recently, there have been reports of double votes from time to time. It is not always easy to clearly identify the cause.

Many users write only once and do not respond to questions. Also, there is a 3 hour time window in which we can track the Überhaupt. After the 3 hours, the system automatically deletes all cookie and personal data irrevocably from the databases.

Today we received a message with an exact sequence of these votes. The cause was quickly traceable through the exact sequence of events.

A check revealed that this mechanic did not exploit only one radio. It is felt that the share of this gap is 50/50.

There is not enough time to count and deduct the votes for each radio. Therefore, from tonight 20 clock begins a new round. New rounds then always start on Fridays (Every 14 days) at 20 clock. This makes it fairer for everyone. Especially if someone has to go to work early the next day.

The Top100 will not recognize you after the update now. This means for all that the 3 hour timer must be restarted! Remember that the very first vote when you call the page is never counted. Only after the first vote the timer starts to run. This is normal and wanted. You will be confronted with this situation only the first time you visit the site.

Now this will certainly not please everyone. But we believe that this was the best decision in this situation.

The given update fixes the possibility of duplicate votes in the database. The update made it necessary to take the website offline. This was the only way to make extensive changes to the database itself without constantly receiving new votes and having to rework them.

The site will be available again at 20:00 (Shortly after).

To the changelog: https://www.streampanel.net/changelog/webradiotop100/

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3 Sep, 2021 5:49 pm

Round restart? That's where I work 😡

3 Sep, 2021 5:55 pm

Hopefully this also works out all these scammers