WebradioTop100 Update 1.14

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We have just expanded the WebradioTop100 with a web player. The player is compatible with all servers except SHOUTcast V1.

WebradioTop100 Update 1.14

To activate the Radioplayer, site owners must edit the entry in the Top100 and fill in the new information accordingly.

Renewed browser customizations as of Chrome 81

It wasn't until December 2016 that Google started crippling old SHOUTcast V1 systems with Chrome by discontinuing support for the HTTP/0.9 header.

Starting with Chrome 81, the delivery of HTTP streams to web pages will now be prevented altogether.

The Radioplayer on the Top100 is prepared for the coming changes and automatically converts all stream servers to an SSL signal.

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SP: Sven
6 Jan, 2020 9:24 pm

Contrary to the first message SHOUTcast V1 is now also limited functional.
Feel free to write in the support area if something doesn't work.