webradiotop100.de - New voting process

October 2, 2019

An update has just been implemented which renews the voting process.

Added 2 mechanics to stop automatic voting in case of possibly not honest users.

Continue to report any anomalies.

webradiotop100.de - New voting process
webradiotop100.de - New voting process

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4 Oct, 2019 10:31 pm

we have the problem that many users can no longer vote without registering. in addition, there is the problem that users who register (unfortunately not all of them want to) repeatedly do not receive confirmation emails. this leads to fewer users voting.

SP: Sven
Reply to  pete
9 Oct, 2019 9:39 am

Hi Pete, that problem with the not arriving emails should be fixed. Otherwise, these changes were unfortunately necessary to further prevent the *fakerei. Feel free to contact me in the support channel if there are still problems.

Not all users receive the registration request. According to the current statistics, the votes are distributed in half each. The registration process also requires only an email address. So there is no personal data involved. So it should not be a hurdle for anyone who wants to support you.