Update on SSL streaming

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An update has just been applied which allows all servers to play in HTTPS format.

Details can be found here: https://www.streampanel.net/kb/ssl-streaming-shoutcast-v1-v2-icecast-v2/

The old method was based on a simple proxy environment, which was unstable and not reliable. The new environment no longer has these conditions and the references can now be used productively.

The Centova systems have also been adjusted accordingly. Please note that the changes will only be visible in the interface in the next automatic update at about 04:00 next night.

The references can be used as indicated in the link above. Please make sure to use the hostname instead of the IP address. With IP address, the system will not be able to recognize STREAMPANEL customers and refuse the service.

Information for external customers / hosters

If you are interested in using the system, please contact us.

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