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With the STREAMPANEL Apps program you get your own Android APP for your webradio! The STREAMPANEL Apps are customizable to 95% by you and always develop according to the feedback of the users.

Until now, these apps were reserved for STREAMPANEL customers with a stream server with us. Streamserver users of other providers could only use the apps for a fee 🙁.

Free for all!

Outwardly I have always communicated that it is only a matter of time until we can offer the apps for free. So I am happy to announce that due to complete automation the STREAMPANEL Apps program is now also available for free to every webradio operator out there after the STREAMPANEL Free program. /s.b

Do I need my own app?

Customers at STREAMPANEL know you and have long recognized the added value of their own app. You can reach millions of new users via the respective stores such as the Google Playstore or the Amazon Appstore.

Don't look away and take the path towards the future. With your own app in one of the app stores, you will increase your awareness and optimally gain more regular listeners.

What restrictions exist?

In the new STREAMPANEL Apps program there is only one difference.

  • Customers with stream servers with third-party providers will be shown a small advertising banner within the app.

The banner ad is really small and not intrusive. Also, this is really only displayed on the first page of the app and not in the respective menu items! With the help of this banner ad, it is possible for us to provide all web radio operators with a free app and at the same time continue to finance the development of the app.

Really free?

Have faith! Ask around. We stand by our word!

A final note

It doesn't matter if you don't get anywhere. If you are stuck, use the FAQ database. If that does not work either, write to us at one of the support channels and we'll find a solution together!

Product page / Order

Click here to access the product page and start the ordering process.

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