Streamserver API extensions / integration of SHOUTcast Tools cover data

February 3, 2020

We have just implemented an update that adds a few API enhancements to the product management of the Centova Cast systems.

  • Stream server data in JSON format
  • Stream server data in XML format
  • Text output of the following components: (Bitrate, Sample rate, Genre, Current listeners, Maximum listeners reached, Title output)

The exact functionality and listing can be found within the product management in the customer center under: "Products - My Products - Click Streamserver".

Integration of the SHOUTcast tools

The SHOUTcast Tools now have a database of millions of cover data. Not least thanks to the community and the SHOUTcast Tools users!

The last played titles of the SHOUTcast Tools already show impressively the recognition rate of the cover data. It was only a matter of time until we made the advantages of the SHOUTcast tools directly available to the STREAMPANEL systems.

We start with the cover data. You as a webradio operator have a simple and free possibility to display covers of the current titles on your website easily and effectively.

You can also retrieve the cover data within the product management under: "Products - My Products - Click on Streamserver".


All extensions listed here work with all SHOUTcast V2 as well as Icecast V2 systems 🙂 .

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