STREAMPANEL / Blitz Stream are now one platform

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We would like to announce today that the platforms:


operate under one platform with immediate effect.

The company Blitz Stream was already founded in 2007 and after 10 years now belongs to a notable size in the German area. Through the connection to the STREAMPANEL platform, we expect an even faster and more targeted growth.

New location Germany

With today's merger of both companies, STREAMPANEL is also localized in Germany by default. According to the new company headquarters, stream servers in Germany are also available as of today.

Modification of the product range

Due to the merger of the two companies, changes are not excluded. The standard products were completely changed and revised. The server location of the standard systems for new customers is now in Germany instead of France.

All STREAMPANEL services and developments remain as they are and will be continued and developed accordingly!

What changes for existing Blitz Stream customers?

Nothing changes, all products remain as you know them. However, if you like, you have the possibility to switch to the STREAMPANEL systems at the same conditions as before. For a change, please register in the STREAMPANEL customer center: and then write us a support ticket stating your previous Blitz Stream customer number:

If this is too complicated for you, contact the Blitz Stream support phone number you know.

All STREAMPANEL extensions like: STREAMPANEL Apps, STREAMPANEL Mobile, Content syndications and the Time Accurate ContentHowever, for technical reasons, they are only available after a change to the STREAMPANEL infrastructure.

Likewise, the domain redirects all products on the STREAMPANEL platform with immediate effect.

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