STREAMPANEL celebrates its 3rd birthday

October 1, 2016

It happened, STREAMPANEL is 3 years old today to the day.

At the moment there is a little bit of time missing here and there that we could prepare something like in the first two years.

But still, we came up with something. All STREAMPANEL Cloud Products are from 01 - 04 October for the first 3 months completely free. So if you are interested in STREAMPANEL or if you know someone who would like to try it, you have the next 4 days to tell them about it.

Of course that's not it yet, in the course of the next 4 days we have more announcements for you.

(Promotional terms: Only 1 server per customer. Offer is directed at new customers. We reserve the right to discontinue the promotion early according to our capacities).
(Note: STREAMPANEL is only a monthly contract. You can quit at any time without any problems and without any complications).

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