January 8, 2022

2021 was a proverbial disaster for us. After the fire in Strasbourg, we had to deal with problems. Problems that we never thought we would have to solve.

But we have discussed this topic far too often in recent months. Let's put it behind us now and look to the future!

Except for the Safeguard environment on the user side and the STREAMPANEL apps, all services are operational again. The two services mentioned above will also arrive again soon.

During the new development of the platform, one thing kept coming to our attention. There are many services scattered throughout. Management can seem complicated for newcomers. Distributed products, naturally whiten distributed product management.

A little less than 2 months ago, we came up with the idea of a new platform. A platform which bundles all services. A platform developed and maintained by STREAMPANEL. The absolute separation from all external partners will give us full possibilities to develop and evolve.

Wishes or ideas can be implemented promptly with an independent platform in our hands.

Longer waiting times for features that hold us up in making components of the Current Platform would be eliminated.

We already have many ideas. Ideas which may not always be realized. But let's go for it.

From now on, everyone has the opportunity to submit their proposals and thus actively participate!

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5 Mar, 2022 6:44 pm

Here should really read over one, which masters written German. It really hurts my eyes...