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The apps are now available in version It can take up to 6 more hours until the APK is available for download.


The new version includes a new API version. There is therefore an update obligation until 02 September 2019 at the latest. Older versions will no longer work after this.

The most important innovations in detail

Amazon Mobile Hub / App Streaming / CDN

As of this release, we are using Amazon's AWS services. APP streaming and other services allow us to deliver content data even more reliably within the app.

Matomo Analytics

The Matomo Analytics transmits only anonymous data. These anonymous statistics are hosted exclusively on our pages. A data transfer even of anonymous statistics generally does not take place!

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics is hosted by Facebook. Facebook Analytics also does not contain any personal data.

Final note on the introduction of analysis

The introduction of these conditions allows us to understand more precisely in the future which areas are used how often and where there are problems and need for improvement.

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