May 1, 2018

We are pleased today to present STREAMPANEL Apps in the new version 4.0.

With version 4 we have again introduced a lot of innovations. Also existing wishes were considered and implemented.

Detailed information can be found in the changelog:

What has changed?

With version 4 we have implemented their wishes, fixed bugs and made a lot of other changes. So there is now the possibility to operate up to 10 radios within one app. Especially for webradios with multiple channels this change will be interesting.

Important changes

The disabling of the imprint within the apps was deactivated. The output of the operator information of the webradio is now mandatory regardless of its origin!

Note on version 4

Version 4 of the Android Apps is exceptionally a mandatory update. Exceptionally, you do not have to order this update as usual. We will notify each customer gradually about the successful update. We ask you to take over the updates after provision by us also promptly in the corresponding stores.

As a precautionary measure, we would like to point out that we will have to cancel the product for app users who have not updated their apps by 25 May 2018 at the latest.

Due to the large number of app users, the deployment of the update may be delayed until May 14, 2018.

Why is there a forced update?

Version 4 is not only the best version of our apps we have ever had. With version 4 we also ensure compliance with the upcoming EU-wide "General Data Protection Regulation" sure.

With still missing something

We accept suggestions for improvement at any time in the STREAMPANEL forum:

You can also use the forum to report any errors that occur.

Picture gallery for V4

The design of the apps is fully customizable. All images are for demonstration purposes.

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