STREAMPANEL Apps / Global Update

March 14, 2019

We are happy to announce that as of today we can offer an automatic routine for publishing Android apps.

Until now, we have created the apps according to the circumstances, the files manually. This led not least to waiting times of up to 14 working days.

From now on, the systems generate your app completely automatically. This means that when we publish an update, you no longer have to write to us, but can download the update from the customer center.

At the same time, the radio name is no longer a fixed part of the app at the time of ordering. You can now change all conditions of the app as usual via the customer center. If you change the radio name, you will need to download the APK again and publish it in the respective stores.

Please note that a new APK upload is currently only necessary if you change the radio name. If you do not change the radio name, it is sufficient to exchange the APK during version updates.

APK updates are available approximately every 6 hours via the Customer Center.

The new version also fixes all reported bugs. If you still encounter errors, please write to us as usual via the support area.


We'll be releasing more changes to the apps over the next few weeks. In the next major release we will introduce the dynamic design change. After this change, the app to 100% is customizable by you at any time!

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