STREAMPANEL and the Safeguard Problem

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In the past few days, there have been repeated reports of inaccessibility or disappearing AutoDJ ads on websites. Also in the background we had to fight with various blockings.

These messages always turned out to be false alarms after thorough investigation. Instead, the platform began to classify itself as insecure and accordingly lock out actually secure systems from the network.

I beg your pardon?

Yeah right, that's probably not just your thought when reading this news. It's unbelievable. Actually the purest irony that now the autonomy of the platform before the fire in March became our undoing.

Understandable please

Safeguard is a security solution that works on every host at STREAMPANEL. Each individual system communicates with a global host network. This group simply checks the identities of each host. Monitors connections. (Inbound and outbound.)

If something out of the ordinary happens, the Safeguard network notifies the entire network and takes appropriate action.

Each individual host is entered by us once in the network. If the host cannot reach the network, the network assumes that there is a threat. In the first step, appropriate measures are taken for an individual host. If the network connection remains inactive, the host simply starts to block out IP addresses / hostnames with higher accesses than normal.

With shared hosts, for example, this is the case. The IP addresses are often identical. The host can not assign the IP address through the missing association to our network and starts to lock out and secure. This was then also the reason for the trouble with some of you.

The Safeguard integration also maintains all our systems, for example. Implements updates. The network also learns from mistakes and ensures that they do not happen again in the future.

In summary, this integration makes human maintenance, updates and much more superfluous for us. The network is designed modularly and can be easily expanded by us with new problem solutions and automatic processes.

Simply switch off

Easier said than done. Safeguard was developed by me to not tolerate human intervention on the hosts themselves. The integration reaches far into the system as well as into the kernel of a host. However, various security regulations prevent the manual removal of these mechanisms. Changed or missing hash values of the files, would simply shut down such a host.

A downed host then means that something is down somewhere on one of you out there. So not an option.


I hope the explanation on the cause makes it more understandable for some affected users.

These circumstances now made it necessary for us to Safeguard the actual development plan like here described above.

The Safeguard network has just started up again. Of course, there were also backups of the group. Therefore, it is not expected that there will be problems here.

Update 09.09.2021

We seem to continue to have problems with our mechanics. We are still working on fixing this.

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15 Jun, 2021 9:30 am

Interesting! Hitradui on Airlines says thank you