STREAMPANEL ADS: Beta as of 01.06.2016

March 14, 2016

We are very happy to announce a great new STREAMPANEL development today.


With STREAMPANEL Ads we will give all STREAMPANEL customers the possibility to market their own systems in the future.

For whom is the system suitable?

We have designed the system to handle all types of web radio.

How does STREAMPANEL Ads work?

With STREAMPANEL Ads you take over the marketing of your web radio completely independently.

  • We provide you with the platform for inserting the advertising.
  • With a separate website for each web radio, you can draw advertisers' attention to your web radio.
  • You alone decide the prices. When booking the advertiser, there is also an automatic setup of the selected advertising type. Independent of the automated system, you can of course also create your own advertising blocks at any time.


In contrast to a complex playlist management, STREAMPANEL Ads ensures that booked advertising blocks are actually delivered on time.

What STREAMPANEL Ads is not / can not do

STREAMPANEL Ads only provides you with the platform and necessary tools to market your webradio. With STREAMPANEL Ads we do not take over the marketing of your webradios.

When is STREAMPANEL Ads available?

STREAMPANEL Ads is available to all STREAMPANEL customers from 01.06.2016. (Moved)

Update 13.06.2016

Unfortunately we are behind schedule with the announced beta. Although the actual system is already functional, a few dependencies to other services are not yet running smoothly. We try to deliver the beta as soon as possible.

Update 22.07.2016

The system is largely completed. Unfortunately, however, we cannot make it available at the moment 🙁.
We try to eliminate the related problems accordingly.

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