SPReports / Log File Analytics

September 23, 2020

SPReports is a new product that analyzes the log files of all stream servers and displays them graphically.

Although we already have detailed statistics for most products. However, the one or the other user was always missing certain representations. We change this herewith and provide unedited analytics reports based on the direct log files.

Today we start with the Centova Cast Systems. The reports can be found in the left menu under the tools. Reports are created from today and overwritten on the next anniversary.

The screenshots serve as an example of the output of an average radio station

SHOUTcast / Icecast

The reports are based on the direct log files of the stream servers. Icecast provides far more extensive log files than a SHOUTcast server. For example, the referrer information of the listeners or any external platforms is missing in the display of the SHOUTcast servers.


The changelog for the SPReports can be found here: https://www.streampanel.net/changelog-spreports/


The SPReports use the log files of the stream servers. Such log files are usually in English. Many of the names and descriptions are taken from the log files. In order not to confuse users unnecessarily in a display with several languages, the final output of the finished reports is therefore exclusively in English.

Reports are created at night after 00:00 o'clock and should always be finally available by 00:15 o'clock at the latest.

In the next days we will extend the SPReports to all existing products. (SPMobile, Relay Server, Failover Server, etc...)


The reports are extremely extensive in themselves. Individual categories can be expanded or narrowed down accordingly by selection. If you notice any major errors, please write to us via the ticket system.

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