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On 06/13/2022 we had released version 0.2.5 in open test for Android devices. In this version we had removed Android support for versions 4 - 7.

We would like to take the opportunity here to briefly explain to perhaps disappointed testers why this happened.

In version 0.2.4 we had received a few critical reports from users. These reports contained bugs, which could have been solved after long back and forth only cumbersome.

When one problem was solved, the next one opened its doors.

All in all and after a long time of back and forth, we have decided to completely discontinue support for versions 4 - 7. If we would stick to these versions, the development effort would be much higher. The renunciation of these versions allows a modern programming in the background and prevents an unnecessarily large maintenance effort.

I hope the decision is a bit more comprehensible this way.

Go to the test phase here.

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