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STREAMPANEL Radio is a new platform within the STREAMPANEL product family.

SPRadio is a directory for webradio operators like some already exist on the market.

Do we need another platform of this kind?

Generally, this platform was never planned in this way. In the past, however, we have repeatedly dealt with such platforms in the support of our core business. It is not uncommon for us to take on support requests for these platforms ourselves or provide assistance with the integration of the broadcaster.

A large part of the platforms makes it particularly easy and refers its users to the actual stream hoster. Support is a dead letter. The operator of the radio does not know in the end where and to whom he must turn. In an estimated 90% of all cases, a solution has so far always been stuck with us.

In some cases, certain platforms have problems with the simple conversion of host names to IP addresses. Users were simply claimed that the deposit of an IP address of the sender is an express obligation. However, in the end it is only a small technical deficiency on the part of the platform operator, which is forgotten to be mentioned.

Of course, it does not remain so, but to the actual intention of the emergence of this platform, that should be enough to show how the situation of the market looks.

So what's the plan?

I will build the SPRadio platform on the side. The actual core business and its further development has absolute priority.

For starters, I estimate the development time of the platform to be 1-2 years.

The platform will benefit from a full automation as it is already the case with all other STREAMPANEL products. Webradio operators should be able to adjust every single point of their station themselves and without contacting us.

I also personally dislike the quality of the platforms for end users. It often happens that channels simply do not continue to function. In most cases, it can be assumed that channels were simply shut down by the operator. Of course, this is not communicated to the platforms and the end user sits annoyed in front of his app and wondered that *again nothing works. The whole thing then affects in massive negative reviews within the respective app stores.

We will solve this by permanently monitoring all stations.

SSL streaming is also a big topic. Especially in view of the latest browser adjustments, radio operators without a reasonable SSL connection are currently losing a large share of their actual reach.

Platforms references from SPRadio users are automatically converted by us via an SSL proxy.

In any case, the platform will also distinguish between mobile / desktop users. If I personally use radio apps and a 320 Kbit/s station is played to me as a user in mobile mode, I do not have to be surprised as a platform provider when end users express themselves negatively on platforms about cancellations.

Where my personal patience thread then travels completely, is the fact when platform providers when starting the station the end user own advertising types Einspielen before you get to the actual program. This affects then in such a way that with starting the Player the advertisement of the platform offerer is played in and then possibly the advertisement of the actual radio operator. The end user has to put up with 2 advertisements in front of a program and of course lets his displeasure come back in the form of a negative rating. Radio operators have it anyway already heavily to find that correct Maas at advertisement within the transmitter. The incomes which are generated by advertisement are existential for many around the radio at all to be able to operate. By these mechanics one makes oneself on all sides no friends!

It's gonna take a long time

To fill the platform with content, a crawler has already been developed, which searches search engines with an algorithm developed by me for radio stations. Through the crawler, the SP: Radio platform is already once not dependent on the manual entry by web radio operators.

What the crawler can not do is categorize radio stations. Until radio operators worldwide become aware of the platform will take some time. Therefore, it will be until it is so far at Us and maybe also your assistance get stuck.

Closing words

I do not want to portray anyone badly here. The comment merely reflects my view of certain things at the current state.

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