SPMobile / Version 2.0.3

September 18, 2021

SPMobile has just been released in version 2.0.3.

To the changelog: https://www.streampanel.net/changelog/spmobile/

What was changed?

In case of failure or restart of the instances, the SPMobile stream servers are now restarted automatically.

Note on the change

When we released the first version of SPMobile, it was a completely closed system. The user had no possibility to interact. Everything was handled by the system.

With version 2 we had some wishes in mind.

Among other things, many users wanted to have their own start/stop functions. The introduction of these options made it necessary that we abolish the start / stop automation.

This was for example interesting for users who wanted to reduce the costs of the collecting societies by simply switching off the program at night.

The reasons are manifold and not necessarily comprehensible for everyone.

This update reintroduces automatic restart of SPMobile stream servers in case of maintenance and single instance failures. It was confusing for some users if you did not pay attention to the status why the program was not running.

However, should the stream server ever fail for various reasons, there will *not* be an automatic restart for SPMobile systems for the time being. Generally this is your system. Your system is your responsibility! Any automations for various processes are to be seen as a pure service.

It is estimated that this new mechanic will again annoy the other side. If the user shuts down his program overnight and we have to perform maintenance or even a failure, the server would be up and running again the next morning. Of course, this is not the point of the whole thing.

However, maintenance and failures are vanishingly small on these instances. For now, this should be the best solution. In general, it would be conceivable to introduce the whole thing as an option and let the user decide on the automation independently. In any case, we will continue to look at this on the basis of the feedback we now receive.

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