SPCast subdomains remain active after cancellation!

November 2, 2023

In the current changelog of version we have changed SPCast as follows.

Subdomains under SPCast will no longer be deleted and will benefit all existing users.

Most users probably have no idea what happens to their listeners after a termination with the hoster. Often, a massive distribution of one's addresses on the net takes place through many stations. Such measures often also mean good backlinks and also just plain referrals to reach listeners the program.

If a radio station cancels its contract with a provider for whatever reason, such referrals are often useless. Getting these references off the net requires a lot of effort, if you want to try at all. But probably no one makes the effort for this.

SPCast is port-free, and each user has their own subdomain. Since the start in June, we have not yet launched any promotional activities for the new product. Nevertheless, we can already record 19 stations under the new environment. In addition, there are 2 cancellations for various reasons. With these cancellations, the subdomains and all references remain intact.

The beauty of the new mechanics is now that such references are preserved in the vastness of the Internet and randomly redirected to an existing station. The references in the network thus remain valid, and the listeners reach a random station. Whether the listener tunes in to the genre that appeals to him is also left to chance.

In principle, this is a good thing. We currently host a few hundred radio stations in the older systems. As soon as we start actively marketing SPCast, it would also be conceivable that we randomly forward the genre selection of stations when distributing listeners from cancelled subdomains based on genre. This could also be the more interesting option in terms of listeners.

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