SPCast version 0.8.8 was released

October 19, 2023

We are pleased to inform you that a new update for the SPCast environment is available. This update brings some changes this time and aims to increase the user experience and give you more control over certain features.

Explanation of the changelog of the SPCast version 0.8.8 from 10/19/2023

1. transcoder is now optional: The transcoder has been made completely optional. Also, you now have the freedom to select your desired bitrates. Since the transcoder is disabled by default, you have to activate it once via the interface. This applies to new and existing customers.

2. improved settings: We know that the settings were not exactly clear in the past. To counteract this, we have demarcated the areas with a red line for the time being. In the later course of development, we will further improve and sort the settings.

3. customizable program preview: You can now fully customize the program preview to your needs. Please note that after making adjustments to the iFrame code, it must be replaced.

4. time zones for program preview: The program preview times are now based on the time zone you specified in AutoDJ.

5. customizable program history: The program history can now also be fully customized, and the cover images are limited to a size of 64 pixels in height and width.

6. decoupling from LoadBalancer dependency: You now have the option to remove the dependency on the LoadBalancer for listeners in the settings. This allows new listeners to continue listening even if the LoadBalancer fails. Note that this change does not affect included scripts, which remain inactive if there are problems with the LoadBalancer.

7. update program history and preview: Program history and preview can now be updated independently via the button "Apply changes in LoadBalancer" without briefly interrupting the broadcasting operation.

8. display the "Apply changes to all servers" button: This button will now only be displayed on pages that have settings that require it to be applied.

9. API interface for radio apps: The API interface for future radio apps is now ready. These apps will be bound to the SPCast.eu platform and you can already start setting up your station there.

10. disabling statistics: You can now disable the collection and display of LoadBalancer settings statistics if you wish. We respect your privacy.

We continue to work on improving our platform and responding to your needs. Thank you for your trust in our product.

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