Shoutcast Tools now compatible with SPCast Server and many premium features are now free!

September 30, 2023

We are pleased to announce important updates to SHOUTcast tools that will significantly improve your experience and make managing your web radio even easier.

Shoutcast tools are now compatible with SPCast Server

SPCast is currently under almost daily development. Recently, some script requests have come up. We don't need to reinvent the wheel when it already exists. From now on, you can easily use Shoutcast Tools with SPCast Server. This expands your possibilities and makes the management of your webradio even more efficient.

Many premium features are now free!

We have made another change. Many of the previously paid premium features are now available for free to all users. Enjoy a wide range of features without having to pay for them.

In general, the premium features are now limited to an Amazon and/or iTunes banner in the Streambox or History. The only remaining premium features exclusively concern the last two cover sizes. All other restrictions as well as any advertisements have been removed completely.

These updates bring many improvements and make SHOUTcast Tools even more user-friendly and powerful.

Thank you for using Shoutcast Tools. We look forward to continuing to support you on your web radio journey. Stay tuned for more news and rock the radio waves with Shoutcast Tools!


Shoutcast Tools:

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