Shoutcast Server v2.6.1.777 update

May 18, 2022

After a few tests, we have just updated all systems to the current Shoutcast version. To apply the update, you have to stop your stream server once and then start it again.

According to the changelog, the following has changed

  • Added SSL support for https streams (Linux only)
  • Added support for 32-char GUID-style authhash (legacy 20-char authhash still supported)
  • Added official & documented support for streambackupurl
  • Added additional parameters for more detailed statistics in Radiomanager
  • Changed all directory links to point to
  • Changed internal links for old rmo to new radio manager
  • Fixed bitrate reporting accuracy issues
  • Fixed intro/fallback dropping issue caused by an extra byte bug
  • Fixed peak listeners reporting accuracy issue
  • Improved: Always send public ip & port to YP to better accommodate ip changes
  • Improved: flex-break support & pause handling for ad-breaks
  • Improved: increase the overall timeout for YP requests
  • Improved: Send aac & mp3 format version info to YP
  • Improved info messaging in DNAS window, eg when stream updated/added to directory
  • Log message cleanups
  • Optimized directory response time and message functionality
  • Changed from SHOUTcast to Shoutcast 🙂
  • Unblock stream paths beginning with /7
  • Various monetization-related, general stability and other minor bug fixes

Direct link to the changelog:

Of particular note is that Shoutcast seems to be backtracking a bit on its 2.6 version. SSL-protected connections are now available in the initial state.

This allows you to use your direct SSL references and no longer need to use our own solution. Correspondingly now unnecessary references have already been removed from the panels and will disappear with the automatic updates next night.

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18 May, 2022 6:03 pm

May I ask what happened to your old links? Do I have to change them everywhere now?