SHOUTcast / Icecast Streamserver and the Facebook Crawler

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We have received increased reports of increased listenership.

Many of you wondered. Some even burst into joy over increased listener numbers and wanted to upgrade products.

What is the Facebook Crawler?

The Facebook crawler "crawls" the HTML content of an app or website that was shared on Facebook by copying and pasting the link or through a Facebook social plug-in. The crawler captures, caches, and displays information about the app or website, such as the title, description, and thumbnail image.


So these are not real listeners. We have tried to report the problem to Facebook so that they can improve the situation. Unfortunately, we have not received any feedback, so we have now locked out the crawler from your direct playback addresses.

On the direct playback addresses has basically anyway no crawler something to look for. This does not result in any disadvantages for station operators.

The update will be automatically applied to all systems by our systems next night around 04:00 UTC+2.

If there are still active connections and the crawler occupies your slots, it is necessary to restart the stream server once.

The update is valid for all Centova Cast customers.

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