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Almost 1 month after our own deadline of 01 May, the new development of the customer center is now available.

Most areas are functional again.

Overall, everything should be a little clearer. Areas that are not needed by many users can be reached via the button "Change administration".

The development of the new framework is now complete and we can build on this. The remaining components can now be added in live operation and should be implemented quite quickly.

The next components in development

  • Domain management (Completed on 01.06.2021)
  • Manual domain renewal
  • SP: Mobile management (Done 03.06.2021)
  • SP: Relay management (Done 04.06.2021)
  • Affiliate Program (Done 07.06.2021)
  • Shopping cart / admission of new customers (Done on 07/14/2021)
  • Time Accurate Content (Done 16/08/2021)
  • content syndications (Done 23/08/2021)
  • Safeguard (compound) (Done 14.06.2021)
  • Safeguard / Customer side
  • SP: Monitoring (Done on 16.12.2021)
  • SP: Reports / Centova Cast Customers (Done on 16.09.2021)
  • SP: Reports / Relay - Failover customers (Done 08.08.2021)
  • SP: Apps

A note about the STREAMPANEL Apps

The apps account for the largest mass of users of all services. However, we decided not to bring back the management panel for the apps. Version 5 of the apps was about to be released before the fire. It would be a nonsensical additional effort for us to develop the administration for V4 again.

New customer orders

The platform remains closed for new customers. It would not be fair to our partners alone to become active here again, as long as the partner program does not perform its service reliably again. However, the whole thing should take place quite quickly. After first estimate we lie here with 1 - 2 weeks. But as the past has shown, estimates are rarely correct. Therefore, no one should perceive this information as binding!

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