Information about the Google Chrome / Edge Update and SHOUTcast V1

December 27, 2016

Due to the current changes of the browser manufacturers please note the following for your SHOUTcast V1 systems.


In the WHMSonic control panel you can continue to use your SHOUTcast V1 servers. The SHOUTcast Source was adapted accordingly, so that your SHOUTcast V1 system will continue to work without problems. However, if desired, you can independently switch back and forth between a V1 or V2 system in the interface at any time.

Disadvantage WHMSonic

With the Modified V1 systems the listing on is unfortunately excluded. Otherwise, however, there are no restrictions.

Centova Cast

In the Centova Cast system, if you use the integrated player widgets, the systems access them on a proxy connection if possible. However, the proxy connection only works with an activated port 80 connection. If this is not activated for you, please contact us for activation.

In the next few days, we will also be installing a modified V1 source for the Centova system as far as possible.
The import of a modified source as in the WHMSonic system, is basically no major problem. However, we use the possibility and turn off SHOUTcast V1 for new customers in the Centova system completely.

Alternatively, write a support ticket and we will change your system to a SHOUTcast V2 system accordingly.


You do not have to change your system with STREAMPANEL and can continue to use a V1 system in spite of the justified updates of the browser manufacturers in the WHMSonic system.

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