Fixed station identifiers for all cloud-based radio stations

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From a technical point of view, we are making a big and significant step today. From now on, we are able to assign a fixed identification address to all cloud-based radio stations.

These addresses are structured as follows:

What looks like a simple hostname at first glance is subject to a system that has been refined over weeks.

Radio stations with such identification can do the following things at any time:

  • Change the cloud instance at any time
  • Change the data center in which the cloud instance is located.

What's really important here is web radio identification. Your listeners remember your addresses. If there is something wrong with your provider, if you change products or even if you are about to change providers, your IP address and ports will always change.

With our new mechanics, your hostname and port is guaranteed for STREAMPANEL customers across all cloud instances.

Even if you leave STREAMPANEL we can guarantee the continuance of the hostname. Whether and how you can use your port with your new provider is no longer in our hands.

Especially for larger and growing radios this solves a hurdle that was often faced in the past.

A scenario based on a real problem that has occurred

In the past, a radio station booked a cloud instance with 500 slots. Over time, this radio station grew up to 1500 slots. At some point, this limit was also reached and the radio station wanted to upgrade to 3000 slots. From a technical point of view, we had to provide stream servers with up to 1500 slots within the cloud instances and instead work out a user-specific solution together with the radio station. The problem with this process was always the change of the host name and the ports of all stations.

problem resolution

With the new station identifications we now avoid such problems and guarantee all radios that have used the facility the permanent existence of the hostname as well as the port!


You have to request the setup of this feature via the ticket system. In the near future, we will of course create a way to set up the facility directly in the customer center.

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