Roadmap and status of the platform Today as of 12.04.2021

April 12, 2021

One month ago on 11.03.2021 we were surprised like you by the fire of the data center in Strasbourg.

Within a few days, we provided all customers with replacement systems and restored existing backups.

Unfortunately, we have a problem with the STREAMPANEL own services until today. These stored all 3-fold distributed on Strasbourg SGB 1-4. How smart the proceeding was to save exclusively in Strasbourg, we leave undecided. A contractual assurance of the data stability of 100% made further proceeding with own services simply unnecessary.

The good thing at the end of the story is that in the meantime the backups of the own environments have arrived.

This means that nothing is lost and all services return as usual.

The STREAMPANEL Customer Center, however, belongs to the unrecoverable environment. Of all things, the heart of all environments is lost. This condition currently prevents the following environments from starting.

  • Time Accurate Content
  • content syndications
  • STREAMPANEL Apps (Functioning, but not configurable!)
  • Safeguard

We have already started a complete redevelopment of the customer center and will finish it this month. Please keep an eye on the news, there will be some changes.

We know that some of you would prefer to be notified by e-mail, but there are also users with other opinions who feel *bothered* by e-mails and prefer to look at the news themselves.

If you are interested, we have also set up a channel on Telegram which automatically informs you about the latest news:

Until we can return to the old status, the platform will remain closed. This procedure allows us to fully concentrate on the development of the new customer center.

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