Discontinuation of WHMSonic systems as of 01.05.2021

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We want an optimal environment and positive user experience with all products. With the WHMSonic products that have accompanied us since our start in 2013, this is unfortunately no longer possible.

The developer of the system is no longer active and parts of the source code are only available in encrypted form. This makes a continuation of the product impossible.

About 2 years ago we had already once tried a discontinuation of the WHMSonic products. At that time, however, there were still too many users with too many problems when switching to other systems. We had then kept the systems for the time being on multiple requests.

Over time, we have repeatedly made offers to all users in these no longer supported systems for a 1 to 1 switch in the STREAMPANEL Cloud for the same price. Many of the station operators have accepted this offer and are now in the Centova Cast systems.

For the remaining stations in the WHMSonic packages we recommend to check the Trial versions of the Centova Cast packages. A direct change is no longer foreseen. All WHMSonic products are considered cancelled. It is mandatory that you re-order the new environments. However, upon request, we will be happy to provide the new environment free of charge until the internal switch is complete.

For radio operators who are uncertain what is most likely to apply to you should contact us accordingly, then we will certainly find an equivalent product.

Suitable alternative products

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