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October 10, 2015

We have just renewed the popular "Public Pay" gateway and provided it with extended payment methods. The menu items have also been changed to the name "Cashbox".

What is the STREAMPANEL Cashbox?

The Cashbox is a simple way to deposit funds into any customer account. The system can also be used for donations. For this, you simply build your personal payment URL on your website and possibly be happy about small thank-you notes from your audience.

You can also use the system to share the cost of your services at STREAMPANEL with your team.

Screenshot of the administration

streampanel cashbox 01

Screenshots of the public link

streampanel cashbox 02

Fees for deposits?

STREAMPANEL does not earn a cent from the Cashbox. The fees of the payment gateways reflect the fees of the individual gateway providers. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible for us to take over all of these.

Is there anything to consider?

As soon as you distribute your Personal Payment URL to visitors or friends and they make a deposit, an invoice is generated in your customer account.

The content of these invoices always includes the following format: Cashbox: Subject of the depositor

Invoices generated for deposit by the Cashbox are automatically cancelled within the next 24 hours of creation.
In case of possible bank transfers which will probably not be received on the same day, the invoice will be automatically rebooked after receipt of payment.

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