Advertising on SHOUTcast V2 systems with activated Authhash

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At the moment there are more and more reports that in the meantime commercials are being played in the running program.

STREAMPANEL does not carry out any advertising in all tariffs!
The problem is due to Radionomy's advertising network.

Normally, the Radionomy ad network only takes effect under certain circumstances.
See here: Centova Cast: advertising functions use (SHOUTcast V2)

We recommend to test once the own account on new functions.
If an automatic advertising circuit has been introduced, it can certainly be reactivated there.

If this does not help, remove the Authhash from your SHOUTcast V2 server and restart it. By removing the Authhash's Radionomy is also withdrawn the basis for access to advertising circuits.

Then contact SHOUTcast Support to find out the cause. Support:

Finally, it should be noted that Radionomy after the SHOUTcast acquisition in the past has guaranteed the community that advertising remains optional. We thus assume a simple system error.

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