Quick UDP Internet Connections: HTTP/3

October 24, 2017

The QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) Network protocol is activated in STREAMPANEL by default.

The following circumstances must be taken into account

  • The QUIC protocol does not work with proxy services like Cloudflare.
  • The QUIC protocol is only applied to https.
  • The QUIC protocol does not work with self-signed certificates.
  • The QUIC protocol is currently only supported by newer versions of the browser manufacturers.
  • The UDP port 443 must not be blocked in the firewall.

How can I deactivate the QUIC protocol?

You can disable the QUIC protocol via an .htaccess file within your document root. Add the following content to your current .htaccess file.

QuicEnable off

How can I check if the protocol is enabled / disabled for my website?

You can use the following links to perform an HTTP/3 test.

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