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The invoice process at STREAMPANEL


You will receive the first invoice for each of your products 7 days before the respective products are extended. The invoicing is always done on prepayment / invoice and have a general payment term of 14 days. You will receive in this period additionally a reminder after the first 7 days to the due date.

For new orders, the first activation takes place after receipt of payment. You can use instant payment methods such as PayPal or cash payment to quickly settle an invoice.

  1. Payment reminder

You will receive a system-related payment reminder if you are more than 7 days overdue with an invoice.

  1. Payment reminder

A 2nd reminder will be sent after 14 days of late payment. Upon receipt of this payment reminder, the system will charge you a processing fee, which you must pay to the AGB can take from it.

  1. Payment reminder

The dispatch of a 3rd payment reminder takes place after 21 days of payment delay and is at the same time connected with a blocking of the product concerned.

What can I do if I cannot pay my bills on time?

Write to us still Sync and corrected by dr.jackson for the blocking of your products. As a rule, it is not a problem if you pay your invoices once a little later. An employee will increase your payment term accordingly.