PHP version on directory basis

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With several domains in one account it may be necessary to use different PHP versions. Here you have the option to use PHP on a directory basis. Proceed as follows to change the PHP version for a directory. Create a ".htaccess" file in the directory where you want to change the PHP version. Copy the preferred section from the selection below into the ...

Change PHP version / modules

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You can customize the PHP version on an account or directory basis. First, call up the web hosting administration. Once here, look for the menu item "Select PHP version". In the following screen you can now set your PHP version. The PHP version and modules you set here are account related and apply to all areas. In general, it is recommended to always set one of the latest versions here. ...


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In the meantime we receive requests for PHP-FPM. PHP-FPM is not available in the web hosting environments and is also not necessary. Litespeed web servers with LSPHP are on average already faster as well as more stable than known PHP-FPM / mod_fcgid applications.

Umlauts / symbols are not displayed correctly

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We use in the initial state the "utf-8" standard within all webhosting tariffs. Especially with older applications it can sometimes come to problems biermit. You can fix this in most cases by adjusting the "default_charset" of the PHP environment. To do this, please follow the instructions below 1. log into the cPanel interface. 2. 2. search for "PHP" in the cPanel interface ...