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Streamserver API Example: Check who is sending (Moderator or AutoDJ)

In the code below, replace "IP ADDRESS" with the IP address of your stream server and "PORT" with the port of your stream server.

SHOUTcast V2

Icecast V2

Extending the output

Hang the following parameter { "ctext". Sync and corrections by n17t01 "&ctext=MyText" at the end of the URL, you can expand the text output as desired.

SHOUTcast V2

Icecast V2

Recognition of the DJ / presenter

Detection is based on the following features in the title output of the stream server.

  • dj_
  • Dj_
  • DJ_
  • dJ_
  • dj (space)
  • Dj (space)
  • DJ (space)
  • dJ (space)
  • | (space, |, space)

If you want to know more, please send a short message with examples via support ticket.

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