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Timely content (FAQ)

1.) I have detected an error

In such a case, please notify us with a short error description via support ticket.

2.) I have an urgent problem

If an error should really occur, deactivate the access data which you have stored for the time-exact contents. At the moment you have no direct possibility to stop the time-exact contents before the entered end date.

3.) I can not connect?

If, for example, you play in news at 6:00 p.m., the connection to your stream server is blocked for the duration of the content. Therefore, start scheduled live broadcasts before or after your scheduled content is played.

4.) What happens when I am on live broadcast?

Nothing at all. Our systems will still try to deliver the content but will not be able to establish a successful connection due to your session.

5.) Will my content be delivered if I finish my live broadcast late?

In the case of time-accurate content such as news, our systems calculate the respective duration of the content before the broadcast begins. In our example, we set the file length to 02 minutes. If, for example, you have your content played in at 6:00 p.m. but do not end your live broadcast until 6:01 p.m., our systems will still play in the content for the duration of the respective file length. This means that the system will now play an incomplete 01 minute of content. Therefore, make sure that you leave the live broadcast before the content you are importing or, if you are importing a 02 minute file at 18:00, do not end your broadcast before 18:02.

6.) Is some kind of handover possible?

If you end live broadcasts at the exact time you have content playing, it will sound like a seamless transition to your listeners. A few seconds doesn't matter here, so avoid panicked glances at the clock hand.

7.) Which systems are supported?

All common stream server connections should be supported. If you think you have a configuration that does not work, please contact us.

8.) What are the costs for me?

  • As a STREAMPANEL customer the setup is free of charge for you.
  • As a third-party customer, we must charge a monthly fee for this service.