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STREAMPANEL Mobile: Troubleshooting (Start / Stop)

Product has no function?

Call the Product management on.

Within the left navigation bar click once on "Stop Transcoder" and once on "Stop Icecast Server".

Then click once on "Start Icecast Server" and once on "Start Transcoder".

The service should now be available without significant delay.


Call your stream server URL. In our example, this is the address "".

If you receive the error message "Error: Connection failed", the Icecast server has not started. Start it via the button "Start Icecast" as described above. It may be necessary to press the button several times.

Update your stream server URL to make sure that your Icecast server has been started. If it is started, the message "The file you requested could not be found" appears.

Finally, start the transcoder. Once this is started, your stream server URL will play the music of the web radio directly when it is called up.

The service still does not work

In this case please contact us via support ticket with a short description.